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Post by Guest on Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:39 am

Name: Calypso
Charatcer Name: Corban Hatheway
Character Face:David Tennant
Status: Single
Job: Exotic Dancer at The Olympic Garden
Condo or Apartment: Apartment
25 year-old Corban was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. All through school when he turned 16, he had weekend jobs, though he switched jobs every year due to getting bored of the job. At 18 after leaving school he went on to study Classical Studies and Ancient History at the University of Edinburgh. During this time he got a job working at a bar, which he quite enjoyed. At 19, his female best friend took up a job as a dancer and tried to convince him to do it as well. He politely refused. At 20, he transferred to Las Vegas University. Not being able to find a job elsewhere, he applied to work at ‘The Olympic Garden’ which he heard took only male dancers.

He continued studying, all the while dancing on the weekends and the odd weeknight. Having finished his degree and not really knowing where to go from there, he figured that he may as well continue dancing as he’d created a name for himself by that point. Besides, it was a well-paying job and he enjoyed chatting with the females that visited, in between his sets. His stage name is the result of what he studied; his interest in Greek mythology led him to the name. Eros is the God of love, procreation and sexual desire, which seemed perfect for the dancing job.

Corban is charming and friendly, and almost always find something to chat about with the females. He’s currently single, but when he’s dating he is rather gentlemanly. Until it comes to the bedroom; Corban loves all manners of kink in the bedroom. However his job puts any potential long-term girlfriends off, so until he finds someone who can accept what he does, it’s all one-night-stands and flings.


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Corban Hatheway Empty Re: Corban Hatheway

Post by Greg Sanders on Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:54 am

Accepted you are free to RP
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